All the projects, in one place.

As I stated in the last post, I was going to do a mass post with all the projects that I have completed. That I have documentation of. Again if you want a tutorial, just leave a comment and I will let you know. For now on I intend on taking step by step shots. On to the show! Let it be known, that most of these were taken with a Droid 4 camera. Granted it is an 8 megapixel camera, but not as good as actual camera. (We just misplaced my memory cards)


Welcome to Creativity Tonite! Its about crafts.

Yay crafts! ^-^ I have limited time, and fiscal meanings for crafts so I try to keep my stuff simple and cheap. This is the first post, so. . . I'm not going to be posting anything crafty yet. But I figure on the next post I will just do a mass post of everything that I did. If it is decided that I need to have tutorials on any of the things that are in that I will give them. But I did not document them well enough to do so now.

Let it be know, personal life may leak onto here. we all need an outlet after all But personal identities will stay disguised. I am going to enjoy this. :D

First I shall say these are things I have learned that I cannot live without while being crafty:

  • A well lighted working surface. Mine is usually my coffee table, or kitchen table.
  • A writing utensil. I generally use pens when drawing designs onto fabrics and papers. The cheap ball-point pens have always worked fine for me.
  • A good pair of scissors. Whether for cutting paper, felt, fabric, ribbon, string or thread. I use the same pair of scissors. The Significant Other (aka S.O.) knows not to touch my red handled scissors. By far they were not expensive. (a dollar) but they don't have knicks in the metal from being used to cut things it cannot handle. You don't need expensive craft scissors or rotary blades, but of course they are better and last longer.
  • X-Acto Craft Knife, with several fresh blades. Any brand, these are invaluable. Always have fresh blades. 
  • A cutting board. Self-healing are great but fabric ones work just fine. I have gone through many-a-blades not cutting on softer surfaces. I have also ruined many out-dated college books doing this.
  • Hot glue gun. Again it does not need to be expensive, but they more features the better. Mine cost less than $2, I hate that it leaks glue as much as it does, but it still works.
After gathering these things. We can begin our trip. Starting tomorrow.