Felty Felty Flowers

I am a little irritated.

Okay - rephrase. Rather greatly irritated. 

I have a whole bunch of felt left over so I have been scouring the internet for other craft blogs with things to do with these. Or at least inspiration to do something.

Well I have decided and come upon several flower ideas. Ya know, who doesn't love flowers in their hair? And my daughter actually lets me put these and leaves them in her hair! 

Well, anyway the reason I am irritated you ask? Well good Sir, this tutorial (right here) just is not descriptive enough for me. I have made 3 different attempts at this, not a single one looks like that. I shall show you 2 shots of the same attempt (attempt 3). I took two because I use a glass sheet to do my hot gluing on, and felt with flash on plus glass beneath it kinda makes it difficult. But without the flash its awfully dark. (Reminder cell phone camera images here)

With the flash
With out flash, obviously.

Anywho! If you look at the link, it ... /sorta/ looks like hers, but it really doesn't.

Any suggestions I'm stumped? If and when I can figure this out there will be an actual tutorial update. 


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