Toddler Chest Strap "Harness"

If you have a toddler (or are like me and have a child the size of a toddler but isn't) you know that it is darn near impossible to find a little backpack for them that fits right! We bike, and instead of trying to figure out how to bring along the diaper bag. I decided my daughter could have a backpack! 

Well I spent a long time looking, and all I could find that wasn't a huge pack was "Hello Kitty!" and then one of those Color-your-own small back packs for pre-teens. Well the HK one was $13 and the color your own was $7. And that is why I don't pay for labels! No brainer right?

Well, after spending an hour coloring it (more fun than it should have been) I was very excited to see how excited she was to see that her baby could fit in it! She wore it everywhere. Baby in tow. Yet it always slipped off even with the straps as tight as they would go.

Then we went for a bike ride. Diapers, wipes, couple cups of water and baby in the bag. I had to take off her shoes and tie the straps together on the back of the seat with her shoe lace.

No matter how much I loved it, it just wasn't working out. Until, after looking at her "doggy pack" (one of those leash packs) I realized it had a harness type thing. So! I decided to make one! 

And it is really Simple! 

Great use for scraps! All together took about 30 minutes. But my bobbin got jammed in the making.

What you need:

  • piece of scrap fabric. (Varies by need but my size is listed below)
  • Velcro, the width of your fabric
  • Scissors
  • sewing machine, I'm sure you can do this by hand but I didn't.

Step 1:

Cut your fabric to your desired length. Mine was 11"x7"

Step 2. Create clean edges!

If your lucky and have a fabric that doesn't fray then I guess you can skip this, or if you use that fray check stuff. If not then you need to make about 1/4 inch edges on all 4 sides. 

I am showing pictures of the stitch because I don't know the "technical" name for sure. I call this the straight stitch.

Step 3. 

Fold the longer edges towards the middle so that there is about a 1/4 inch overlap in the middle. Stitch with the straight stitch again.

Step 5.  Cut the Velcro

Since I lost about a 1/2 inch on the edges I cut my Velcro out to a total length of 10". I then cut that into 2 sections of 5" sections. After that I cut the firmer, plastic-ier side into two 2.5" pieces. 

Notice that the bottom piece is  softer side of Velcro.

Step 6. Attach middle "Soft" pieces.

I believe it is called the hook side. But it is the softer side of a Velcro. Put it in the direct middle.

Step 7. Sew them on!

Sew all 4 sides of the piece!

Again, I don't know "technical" terms. I call this Zig-Zag stitch.

Attach the smaller pieces on the opposite sides. If you notice they are not straight on, but if it bothers you I guess do it. :] 

And sew once more! 

Step 8. Done!

You are now finished! Fold the edges in! Put behind the shoulder straps, with the fabric touching your child's chest. Fold the edges in and secure the Velcro! My Velcro sticks to the straps of her backpack! 


On an unrelated note, I use to have a pretty decent collection of antique cameras. In a move they accidentally got ruined. Well on a wonderful b/s/t site in my area I found these beautiful things and got them all for only $55! They all have their original cases! Straps are still attached and I'm in love <3! 

Hoping I can find out how to see if they operate still! Any suggestions? 


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