A Short Break

Taking a brief break. . .

from the "Flower Power" Mayhem, I needed to broadcast this. 

I have never made clothing and a friend asked me if I could try making a dress for her daughter. It is made from that fabric that you can buy at the stores that has the elastic in the top half. I figured it would be real easy, sew a seam, add some ribbon to make straps and then some bows.

This is the finished product:

You can't see the bottom it is a Hello Kitty! thing. She is walking across the bottom, but that is not where my work went into.

I am very proud of myself, it turned out well. I made the bows, and straps, attached and made a seam. Probably about 30-40 minute project, that cost $10.

Well less than ten because we got alligator clips and extra ribbon to make hair bows. <3


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